Deadlines for 45th Annie Awards

08/14/2017 Monday
Call for Entries (Screeners and music samplers can be sent to the membership from this date)
08/18/2017 Friday
Midnight PST deadline call for judges (and beginning of Membership Drive)
09/04/2017 Monday
Nomination Committee chairs assigned
09/18/2017 Monday
Call for Judges closes
10/02/2017 Monday
Judge selection and notification
10/20/2017 Friday
5PM PST delivery deadline to receive Annie Award submissions and materials
10/26/2017 Thursday
Committee Chairs submission review. (All judge submissions are reviewed by this date for appropriate placement or re-assignment.)
10/28/2017 Saturday
Nomination Committee meetings commence.)
11/03/2017 Friday
Deadline to become an Annies Awards Corporate Sponsor
11/20/2017 Monday
Early deadline to renew or join ASIFA-Hollywood to be able to receive screeners
11/27/2017 Monday
Midnight PST deadline for Nomination Committee selections. (Nomination Committee Chair must finalize online by this date)
12/04/2017 Monday
Annie Awards - Nominations announced
12/08/2017 Friday
5PM PST deadline for Annie ballot and ceremony materials
12/08/2017 Friday
5PM PST deadline for Program book materials (Includes bios, images and advertising reservations)
12/18/2017 Monday
Midnight PST final deadline to join or renew ASIFA-Hollywood membership in order to participate in 45th Annie Award voting (however, receipt of screeners is not guaranteed)
12/31/2017 Sunday
Midnight PST deadline for all “For Your Consideration” screeners to be delivered to ASIFA-Hollywood membership
01/02/2018 Tuesday
Online Balloting begins
01/05/2018 Friday
Deadline to receive Sponsor advertising artwork
01/23/2018 Tuesday
Midnight PST deadline to cast Annie awards ballots
01/28/2018 Sunday
Final committee meeting
02/03/2018 Saturday
Annual Annie Awards Ceremony Date
44th Annies Sponsors